Amsterdam & The Next Web: epicenter of the startup world

On May 24-25 2018, Amsterdam is launching the new edition of The Next Web (TNW X). TNW was born in 2006 when the organisers created an event to showcase their own startup. Developing and consolidating over the years, the company is now complemented by TNW News, TNW Deals, a new TQ technology centre hosting local & international community events, and Index, a market intelligence platform using machine learning and matching algorithms to connect startups, corporates and investors.


In this edition, 20 topics have been identified to encourage a deep debate about how technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence will directly affect the industry and the way we innovate.  These tracks include marketplace, machine learners, design thinkers and global challenges for future generations.

The Next Web provides an exceptional opportunity for key decision makers to network. One of the main strengths of the conference is that the organisers are highly selective about who they invite and make sure that the content is aligned to the guests. You meet representatives of government institutions as well as fast growing startups, corporations, investors and accelerators. At vertical specific side-events in the conference venue, investors & corporates can lead roundtables & push for matchmaking opportunities for startups.


What can corporates, investors and startups expect from The Next Web 2018?

Sebastien Toupy – Head of Startup Programs, TNW X
The Next Web is all about connecting people business and technology and one of the many ways in which we are doing so is via our flagship event in Amsterdam. This year, corporates can expect to meet some of the most innovative European startups coming to start pilots and partnerships with leading brands.

Startups are joining us for 3 key reasons:

  • To gain exposure to 15.000 tech people by exhibiting on our business floor
  • To pitch in front of seasoned investors to take their companies to new heights
  • To join our unique Matchmaking Platform enabling them to build connections with investors, corporates and mentors through 20-minute meetings.

Finally, investors are there to discover new portfolio companies as well as to connect with other firms through our platform and various side events.

TNW 2017. Photo from

How can TNW help Catalan Startups to showcase their projects?

Ton van ‘t Noordende  – Deeptech investor & CEO at 01 Ventures | IIR StartupDelta
TNW is a great place to showcase the best tech in Catalunya – consider it a “stamp of approval” if you as a founder make “the cut”. Being there and getting invited to the closed side-events (where guest curation is very strict) ensures that Catalan startups can meet with their preferred investors and corporates in a more casual and relaxed setting than just a cold call or a pitch, improving their chances of getting additional funding or corporate deals in the future. In the startup world, a lot has to do with who you know directly or indirectly, and a warm introduction via a big tech conference like TNW helps a lot.

Why is it important for Catalonia to be at the TNW?

Jordi Aguasca – Startup Catalonia Deputy Director at the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ)
Activating talent, creating community and giving active support to international connections are three of the most important challenges for ACCIO in making Barcelona and Catalonia an international global and competitive hub. With international missions, such as attending The Next Web, we look to encourage Catalan startup CEOs to connect with CEOs, investors and potential customers in other markets and, in this way, promote the technological startup hub of Barcelona.

What does Barcelona, as a tech hub, expect from its participation in TNW?

Miquel Marti – CEO at Barcelona Tech City
Collaborating and participating in The Next Web offers a unique opportunity for startups and for Barcelona Tech City to connect with one of the most powerful ecosystems in Europe.

The event, with an amazing setup, helps to connect startups with lots of potential investors and the format of the startup competition arena allows the startups to expose in a different manner.

The centre of Europe’s interest in Barcelona’s talent, companies and investment opportunities is growing so it is important to attend the event and to keep on improving alliances with hubs like Amsterdam, the Hague and Rotterdam.


Several factors in international rankings position Amsterdam in the top 10. Although the total population of the city is less than 1 million (and just 2 million including the metropolitan area), high salaries, a high standard of living and a high chance of success help make Amsterdam the best city for techies to work in Europe.

Amsterdam is home to successful companies acquired for millions of dollars, such as Booking, Tom Tom, AVG, Gemalto, Take Away and Adyen. Big tech giants such as Uber, Netflix and Tesla are setting up their European headquarters there. The startup map of Amsterdam prepared by, includes a total of 1600 companies in the ecosystem along with a wide list of investors, coworkings, and accelerators.  


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