Ana Nuño

Ana Nuño

Caraques, 1957

Poet and essay writer. Holder of a Phd in English and French Studies (English and French Philology) from Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris. Her essays, articles and critical reviews on literature, politics and cinema have been published in Vuelta (Mexico); Syntaxis, Quimera and El Viejo Topo (Spain); Imagen, El Nacional and El Universal (Venezuela). She was chief director of the literary journal Quimera (from 1997 to 2001). As a poet, she has seen her Spanish-language work published in two poetry books: Las voces encontradas [Contending Voices] (Dador, Málaga, 1989) and Sextinario (Tierra de Gracia, Caracas, 1999; Plaza&Janés, Colección Poesía, Barcelona, 2002). She lives in Barcelona since 1991.

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Source: http://www.barcelonareview.com/34/s_an.htm