Javier Reverte

Javier Reverte

Javier Reverte studied philosophy and journalism. Worked as a journalist for nearly 30 years as a press correspondent in London (1971-1973), Paris (1973-1977) and Lisbon (1978) and has been appointed as special correspondent to countries from all over the planet.

Javier Reverte has also worked as columnist, political chronicler, interviewer, editorialist, editor-in-chief, journalist for the national television (TVE) programme En Portada and deputy director of the paper, Pueblo, no longer issued. Always attracted to literary creativity, he has worked as a radio and tv scriptwriter and has written novels, poetry and travel books. Sibling of the journalist and historian Jorge Martínez Reverte..

An avid traveller, Javier Reverte has become a bestselling author thanks to his travel books, and, particularly, his Trilogía de África [African Trilogy], a combination of personal experiences and historical references about his adventures. He digs into past history in contrast to the present, and establishes parallelisms between his and life experiences from other writers who walked the same lands, like Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness.

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