Xavier Aldekoa

Xavier Aldekoa

He graduated in journalism and is an eternal student of Political Sciences.

I am addicted to ‘snap packing’ and keeping my eyes wide open when travelling, I have a special fondness for Africa and its peoples.

Shortly after turning twenty, I travelled for the first time to the African continent, and in 2009 settled in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the last few years, I’ve covered many social conflicts and issues in Somalia, DR Congo, South Sudan, Angola, Mali, Zimbabwe and over 35 African countries. My work focuses on fratricidal wars or silenced famines, but also on national lift-off or cultural wealth of African peoples, as I believe the human factor is an essential element of the continent. African people are the main protagonists of my documentaries.

I am a correspondent for La Vanguardia in Africa and make tv documentaries for other media. I also collaborate with radio stations and other newspapers and magazines. I have made talks and conferences in universities, schools and foundations. I am the author of the book Océano África [Ocean Africa] (Editorial Península) and co-founder of the magazine of international journalism 5W and the social and independent production company Muzungu.

Text and photo source: http://www.xavieraldekoa.net/sobre-mi/cv/