Barcelona loves you. Barcelona needs to be respected

Sun, gastronomy, cultural heritage, leisure activities on the street, beaches and sea. Barcelona received more than 14 million tourists in 2017. Visitors and neighbors enjoy an open, welcoming city that works to be a good host, but at the same time promotes and asks for respect, the civic and educated behavior of its neighbors, visitors and tourists. Barcelona City Council, neighborhood associations and the Hoteliers’ Guild, among others, ask for silence at night, clean streets and beaches, and respectful attitudes towards others. Surely more resources are needed, but the most important thing is the attitude of each citizen. #B Compartim Barcelona is the motto of a city that loves you and asks for respect.

#B Compartim Barcelona is a motto promoted by the Barcelona City Council, which is a way of understanding the city, a proposal that whispers and shouts: “Barcelona belongs to everyone because it belongs to no one. We have the right to enjoy it, in coexistence, with respect and joy. Live it and let it live! ”

Live and let live. Make sure that your freedom does not menace others’.
Public spaces are for everyone, and it is not fair when a particular use of it avoids others. Let’s look around to prevent from disturbing.

The furniture of the city is our furniture. Let’s take care of it.
The street furniture belongs to everyone. Messing up and painting a bench, breaking bins or sticking stickers on lampposts and traffic lights is shooting yourself in the foot.

There are narrow streets that make it difficult to use containers; that is why some neighbors must take the garbage bags to the street. But, if we leave them there at the wrong time, streets get dirty and smell bad, besides attracting bugs… For the common good, let’s observe the established schedule.

There are areas of Barcelona where many tourists walk through, affecting the daily life of its inhabitants. The people of Barcelona claim for their space and their own rhythm of life.

Campaigns for citizenship


Barcelona City Council has always promoted awareness campaigns to share the values ​​of a responsible city that is based on the good use of public space, mutual respect and promotes the collective, respectful and co-responsible enjoyment of the city.

This is to raise awareness among both the citizens of Barcelona and its visitors about the importance of maintaining attitudes that promote good coexistence, safety and sustainability and to communicate more specific messages aimed at influencing the excessive nocturnal noise -spaces with very high affluence of tourism and visitors-, cleaning -and the proper use of the waste collection elements- the safety and cleanliness of the beaches and, finally, the picking of dog’s faeces and the cleaning of their urine.

Featured images: Campaigns for citizenship 2018 (1, 2), 2017 (3, 4) i 2016 (5, 6)