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Crowning the miracle, topping the thrill

Miracles do exist and they come in different forms. Mountain climber Ferran Latorre has crowned the 14 eight thousand metre peaks, thus achieving a miracle and becoming an inspiration to the world. He has made history, a historic landmark, from impossible to reality.

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s young as 13, mountain climber Ferran Latorre promised himself that he would climb mount Everest. At such an early age, Latorre had already crowned his first three-thousand metre peak of his life, in Aigüestortes (Lleida) and was reading Peter Habeler’s “The Lonely Victory”. This led directly to turn his dream into reality in May 2017, a feat in his personal and professional life that brought him to end a long journey.

“The mountain reminds you of your own limits and humbles you”, claims Latorre in an interview in ALMA. He does not see himself as a hero or a symbol. His journey is something magical that has allowed him to realize many things, in particular, the appreciation for what we have and gratefulness for being alive. “When you’re running out of oxygen, you feel as if your life were hanging by a thread”.

“Passion and love”, the engine that can drive you to achieve everything you set your mind to. “Feelings are the most basic and simple things in life, but they also hold the greatest power in this earth”, says in his interview in ALMA. He is happy to share his experience with his family, friends and, professionally, he is collaborating with relevant scientists like doctor José Manuel Soria from Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona by getting involved with research of severe respiratory illnesses, like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), by  the Project Sherpa Everest 2017. Illnesses related to lack of oxygen are much more frequent than we might think, as Latorre has been able experience in his climbing career. His links with Obra Social ”la Caixa” have marked his career and evolution, and has always felt fully and whole-heartedly supported by them, in all respects.

“I find it so beautiful that the conquest of something useless can now become useful”.

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