Deliveroo leads the ranking of Europe’s fastest growing companies

The Financial Times newspaper has published, in collaboration with Statista, the second edition of the FT 1000 ranking – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018, which analyzes which European companies have increased their income most between 2013 and 2016.

The company that experienced the highest growth in Europe, with a spectacular increase in its income of 107,117% between 2013 and 2016, was the British home delivery company Deliveroo, which entered 157.4 million euros in 2016.

The second place in the ranking corresponds to the German heating company Thermondo, which had sales of 20.2 million euros in 2016 after growing 10.878% since 2013.

Spanish companies occupy a prominent place among the first in this ranking. Thus, three of the first five are Spanish: the Traventia Viajes agency (third), Alainsa, the construction company (fourth) and iTravex, the online hotel reservation service (fifth).

Traventia had revenues of 10.29 million euros in 2016 after growing by 9,377% since 2013. Alainsa entered 10.28 million euros with a growth of 9,114% in the 2013-2016 period. In the case of iTravex, its revenues were 22.67 million in 2016, thanks to the increase of 8,398% since 2013.

Two other Spanish companies appear in the top 20. This is Marfeel Solutions, the advertising technology platform, in 16th position, and the company specialized in fuel supply Petropix Energía, in 17th position. Marfeel entered 4.6 million in 2016 after growing 4,218% since 2013, while Petropix Energía had revenues of 72.7 million, with an increase of 4.033% since 2013.

Statista has published the following chart where it shows the 20 European companies that grew the most between 2013 and 2016:


Infografía: Las empresas españolas, líderes en crecimiento en Europa | Statista Más infografías en Statista

The complete list of the 1,000 companies from 31 European countries included in the study is available on the Financial Times website.

The most represented sector in this list is the technology sector, with 155 companies in total. By cities, London leads the list: 74 of the 1,000 companies analyzed are based in the British capital, ahead of Paris (France), with 62, and Milan (Italy), with 25.

The company that experienced the largest increase in the number of employees between 2013 and 2016 was the British technology company Endava, which added more than 2,000 new jobs.

To be included in this list, companies had to have at least an income of 100,000 euros in 2013 and at least 1.5 million euros in 2016. In addition, companies have to be independent (not subsidiaries of a group) with headquarters in some European country.