F.C. Barcelona continues to lead the Balon d’Or ranking

In December 7th Cristiano Ronaldo received another Ballon d’Or from FIFA, beating both Lionel Messi and Neymar. By winning this trophy the Portuguese striker picked up his 5th trophy matching the F.C. Barcelona’s Argentinian Messi, who obtained his 5th Ballon d’Or in 2015.

According to the following computer graphics by Statista, the fight between the Real Madrid’s player and the F.C. Barcelona’s player is nothing but a dispute between the two teams of the infamous ‘El Clasico’ of the Spanish football league. The victory of the Portuguese player leaves Real Madrid one single Ballon d’Or below F.C. Barcelona, the team that continues to lead the ranking at 11 times.

The difference increases slightly more with reference to the number of times that the players from each team have been nominated as the 3 players to receive such distinction. In total, F.C. Barcelona holds 32 podiums while the team currently coached by Zidane has that number reduced down to 26. Beyond the Spanish battle, it is worth of mention the role performed by the Italian teams. Out of the 9 teams receiving more than one Ballon d’Or from its inception in 1956, 3 different clubs from this Mediterranian country are in that top, amassing 18 Ballon d’Or from all these 3 teams.

Infografía: El F.C. Barcelona sigue liderando la clasificación del Balón de Oro | Statista

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