Music and life

Music is the excuse to talk about everything else. That is the proposal of In-Edit, the Musical Documentary Film Festival of Barcelona that reaches its sixteenth edition fully consolidated and become a benchmark and engine of local production.

It did not seem obvious 16 years ago that in Barcelona there was a chance for a festival of these characteristics. But they had to hang the poster of “sold out” on several occasions. Little by little, it became an unmissable event and a seal of quality. Currently many documentalists work on their projects with the aim of premiering in In-Edit. Something that fills with pride Cristian Pascual, its director, who belongs to a generation that grew up watching “Sputnik”, the musical space of the most creative and groundbreaking time of TV3 [Catalan public television].

For 11 days, In-Edit offers more than 50 titles that can be seen at the Aribau cinema, CCCB, Etnia Barcelona, ​​civic centers and libraries, as well as the Inedit TV and Filmin platforms, and some passes on Canal 33 [Cultural chanel of de Catalan Public Television] and Betevé [Barcelona’s public television].

Among the wide and diverse programming there is a generous sample of local production that gives clues about the vitality of the genre. Here are some titles:

  • “Apolo. La juventud baila” is a docufiction that takes advantage of the 75th anniversary of the mythical discotheque in Barcelona to compose an ironic generational chronicle, directed by Marc Crehuet.
  • “Andrea Motis: la trompeta silenciosa” is a warm-hearted portrait of the acclaimed jazz trumpeter, saxophonist and jazz singer Andrea Motis, by Ramon Tort, director with extensive experience in this subject.
  • “Els ulls s’aturen de créixer”, by Mallorcan Javier García Lerín, is a peculiar and emotional portrait of singer-songwriter Miquel Serra.
  • “O espírito de Pucho Boedo” is the latest work of the award-winning and experimental Galician documentary filmmaker Lois Patiño. In this case he places his camera in a seventies style villa in which the punk trio Novedades Carminha tries to find the most danceable and tropical sound of his career.
  • “Yo soy la rumba” is the portrait and tribute to Pere Pubill Calaf, “Peret”, undisputed king of the Catalan rumba, by the director Paloma Zapata.