“Incredibles 2”, the highest-grossing premiere in the history of an animated film

The latest Pixar film, “Incredibles 2“, has just broken the historical box office record of an animated film in its first weekend of premiere in the United States, with a collection of 180 million dollars.

“Incredibles 2” has managed to surpass the 135 million dollars that it reached in its premiere “Finding Dory” two years ago, according to the figures provided by Box Office Mojo.

In addition, the sequel to “The Incredibles” has managed to be among the ten highest grossing films in the history of films of any genre: in particular, has risen to eighth place, ahead of “Captain America: Civil War”, which raised 179.1 million dollars in its first weekend in the US cinemas, and “Beauty and the Beast”, which generated 174.7 million dollars.

In the international market, “Incredibles 2” added another 51.5 million dollars last weekend, so the total global collection amounted to 231.5 million dollars. In Spain its premiere is scheduled for next August 3.

The ranking of the animated films that obtained a greater collection in the rooms of the United States in the premiere weekend is now headed by “Incredibles 2” with the record figure of 180 million dollars: 45 million dollars more than the second film in the ranking, “Finding Dory”, which as noted has raised 135 million in its premiere.

The third place is occupied by “Shrek the Third“, with 121.6 million dollars, the fourth is for “Minions” (115.7 million) and in the fifth place it appears “Toy Story 3” (110.3 million dollars) ).

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