Muere el poeta Joan Margarit
El poeta Joan Margarit.

Joan Margarit: the intensity honest that saves us

Joan Margarit is one of the most read Catalan poets of all time. A few weeks ago, he met Mònica Mombiela and Morrosko Vila-san-juan to talk about the poem, simply.

The last book by the poet Joan Margarit is Per tenir casa cal guanyar la guerra [To have a house you have to win the war], Proa, 2018, memoirs of childhood and early youth. A few weeks ago, the poet went to Lleida and for the New Barcelona Post we talked with him. To accompany this video interview a bit, we take a fragment where Margarit reflects on his poetry in the prologue to the first edition of Tots els poemes [All poems] 1975-2011, Barcelona 2011, Grup 62, La butxaca:

“I have always been aware that poetry for me stretched for life. The rush therefore not part of my relationship with the poem. The final judgment will make the time and , unlike the Judgement of religions , I know I do not ever result. Corresponds only to me -and not just the day to day poems without justification or compensation be pleased them looking and writing component. None of us have much, even those that seem to count much, but we can save the same, curiously, you can also save the poem: its intensity honest.”