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FedEx, DHL an TNT cargo planes on El Prat Airport in Barcelona, Spain

Logistics and transport, the sector that will create most jobs in Spain in 2018

The importance of the logistics and transport industry is unquestionable. It represents 8% of Spain’s GDP, not an insignificant figure considering that estimated turnover will be about 11 billion euros in 2018 and it will employ about 800,000 people. However, despite its relevance, logistics and transport have always been what we might consider low-profile and it has not been until the coming of the of e-commerce boom that it has really come to be everyone’s lips.

Right now, e-commerce turnover exceeds 7.3 billion euros, up 23% on the year according to Spain’s National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC). This growth will boost the logistics and transport sector, which will grow 2.1% (according to figures from the Hays Spain Labour Market Guide 2018), which suggests the need to recruit more professionals with increasingly specialized profiles. As a result, logistics and transport will be the sectors creating most new jobs in 2018 in Spain. Thus, the most in-demand professional profile in 2018 will be for order pickers, according to the Adecco Group.

In response to the questions that this change in the logistics industry has generated, SIL Barcelona, the Leading Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Supply Chain Fair in Southern Europe, will centre its Annual Conference on Logistics and Industry 4.0, a Necessary Connection. Its focus will be on the analysis of how these actors will have to face the changes in production processes, making their chains more effective and integrating them in order to attend the habits of the current consumer effectively.

SIL Barcelona will take place from the 5th to the 7th of June and will celebrate its 20 years serving the logistics sector. SIL was established in 1998 as a Congress and, faced with the demand for a showcase bringing together all sectors in the logistics industry, it became a fair the following year, a fair that has evolved hand in hand with the sector and has been faithful to its annual date over the years. Today, it is the leading sector fair in Southern Europe and brings together over 600 participating companies from more than 50 countries. At this year’s SIL Congress, which last year brought together over 3,000 participants, more than 200 internationally renowned speakers will present a hundred success stories in 18 different events.

Valencia will be the guest autonomous region at SIL 2018.