Main uses of the Internet in Spain

The twentieth edition of the study “Net surfers”, presented this week by AIMC (in English, Association for Media Research), offers a broad description of Spanish Internet users and their behaviour on the net.

Among the numerous data offered in the report, two lists have caught our attention at The New Barcelona Post: the one that states users’ main activities on the internet in general, on any platform and the one that states the main net uses when surfing from mobile phones.

In the first case, the activity that was most mentioned by users in the 15,200 surveys conducted during the months of October, November and December 2017, is reading the news, mentioned by 84.6% of users.

Watching videos appears in second place (81.3% of users) and checking maps is the third most frequent activity (72.1%). Checking the weather, listening to music or watching films or shows are other frequent activities of Spanish Internet users. The following graphic shows the whole list:

When it comes to internet use from mobile phones, the most frequently stated activity is checking emails (84.6%), over instant messaging (79.2%) or surfing in general (75.56%) and social media use (71%). Checking the news ranks fifth (65.9%).

In fact, mobile phones are the most used device for connecting to the Internet in Spain (92.1% of Internet users), followed by the laptop (77.5%), the desktop computer (67.4%), and the tablet (58.2%). The television is already used by 33.3% of Spanish Internet users to connect to the network.

The mobile phone is also the most quoted device when Spanish users are asked what is their main channel of access to the network: 37% mention the mobile, ahead of the desktop computer (30.6%), the portable (26.6%) and tablet (5.3%). The mobile phone increases 13.6 points as the main access device compared to 2014, while the desktop PC drops 7.8 points, and the laptop recedes 4.7 points.