Verne Harnish
El fundador de EO, Verne Harnish, en una conferencia en EO Barcelona.

Nearly 200 entrepreneurs will address their social impact at an EO day in Barcelona

The 'Act for impact' conference will feature presentations by former Hindu monk Dandapani and the founder of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), and experiences such as meditation in movement. The event is open to members of the organization and to great entrepreneurs.

The global entrepreneurship organization Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) will focus on Barcelona from October 18-20. The organization will hold its Act for Impact conference, which will focus on the impact that projects can have on society and the world. And it will do so from the Catalan capital, which is positioned as the hub of entrepreneurship and startup in Southern Europe.

The event, for high-level entrepreneurs, aims to encourage participants to make a positive impact on their environment, transforming their business, the planet and the people around them, starting with themselves.

In order to do so, the conference will feature a dozen speakers speakerswho will offer their conferences at the W Hotel and the Esferic Barcelona. The first session will be with the Hindu priest, ex-monk and entrepreneur Dandapani. He will address the importance of setting a purpose, from his knowledge on personal development.

Also participating in the event will be EO founder Verne Harnish. He is also the author of books on business growth such asScaling Up, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits y Scaling Up Compensation. This issue and the influence of artificial intelligence on companies will be the focus of Harnish’s conference in the Catalan capital.

The speakers at these conferences have in common that, as entrepreneurs, they pursue “more than performance and making sales, to drive a business with a purpose and that has an impact on the world,” according to EO Barcelona Board member Angela Gaspar.

The lineup of speakers speakers line-up does not stop here: it also includes senior senior of Economics of Mutuality (EoM) Solutions, Pascal Riederer. Specializing in strategy, he will propose a workshop on “putting purpose into practice”. And, so as not to do it alone, the writer and mindset coach Florencia Andrés will encourage entrepreneurs to create “unstoppable teams”.

Happy Hour EO
Members of the organization at an EO Barcelona meeting.

Also participating in the conference will be the ex-pilot and entrepreneur Yarden Zilber, technology investor and CEO of VIE People, Wendy van Ierschot, and Learnlife founder Christopher Pommerening. All three are members of EO who have been selected to participate in the conference for their experience and knowledge of the impact that the projects generate in the environment. There will be also Fabio Alings, global brand director of Pedigree, part of the Mars Group; entrepreneur Dillon Jearey, and chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GENs), Jeff Hoffman, whose network works with entrepreneurs in 190 countries.

In addition to talks and workshops, the conference includes experiences such as the active meditation of the Suco sessions. With this method, meditation is practiced in movement and not in stillness. The experience will be guided by Jamie Beron, who leads his meditation sessions with African-influenced electronic music.

EO opens the conference to entrepreneurs from Barcelona who are not members of the network to have the learning experience and connect with international entrepreneurs.

The organization expects between 150 and 200 of its members to attend the conference, as Gaspar explains. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are expected to come to Barcelona and must be members of the organization to attend the event. However, for this occasion, EO opens part of the conference to non-member entrepreneurs from Barcelona, as long as they have annual sales of more than one million euros. The organization has chosen to open them so that non-members can have the learning experience that EO offers, while connecting with entrepreneurs from Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

EO Barcelona
Meeting of EO Barcelona members.

The city that attracts

This is the third conference organized by EO in Barcelona. Gaspar explains that, as a result of the two previous events, several members of the organization from the United States, Canada and Holland opted to move to the Catalan capital. ” The city is attractive because of its innovation and entrepreneurial environment,” he says. One of them was precisely the founder of EO, who settled temporarily in Barcelona after one of these conferences.

In addition to those in Barcelona, EO organizes global events for its more than 18,000 members in over 75 countries. Since its founding in 1987, it has expanded to include local chapters in 220 cities. Gaspar emphasizes that its members share the same values. “Chief among these is to grow together, not just to grow our businesses, but to grow as people and as leaders.”