Number of cars per inhabitant in Europe

A total of 505 cars per thousand inhabitants. This was the average of vehicles that there were in the whole of the European Union (EU) in 2016 according to the data that has just been provided by Eurostat.

The country of the EU with the highest number of cars per inhabitant is Luxembourg (662 cars per thousand inhabitants), followed by Italy (625 cars), Malta (615) and Finland (604).

If the countries that do not belong to the EU are included in the list, Liechtenstein occupies the first place with a total of 773 cars per thousand inhabitants.

Spain ranks 16th in this ranking, with 492 cars, just behind the Czech Republic (502) and ahead of the Netherlands (481 cars).

At the bottom of the European ranking, including both the EU countries and those that do not belong to it, are Turkey, with 142 cars per thousand inhabitants, Macedonia (190) and Romania (261).