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The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the use that can be made by users of the corporate web site of The New Barcelona Post, which is currently located at the URL www.thenewbarcelonapost.com, notwithstanding that certain services, content or activities Within the corporate website, they are subject to their own conditions. Therefore, the terms of the legal agreement that is established between the user and theNBP appear below. By accessing, browsing and / or using this website, the user states that they have read, understood and agree to these terms and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The access and use of the corporate website is free for users and does not require prior registration of the user in general. However, the access and use of certain information and services offered through the corporate website can only be made prior to the user's registration. In the case of user registration through identifiers and passwords, both the identifier and the password belong exclusively to the person to whom they are granted. The user must keep the identifier and password in their strictest and absolute confidentiality, assuming, therefore, how many damages or consequences of any kind are derived from the break or revelation of the secret.

theNBP offers in its website information related to the type of activity, contents and services it performs. This information does not constitute a commercial offer for the purchase or sale of these services, so that the corresponding prices are not published.

theNBP reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained on its website at any time and without prior notice, and may even limit or not allow access to this information.

theNBP is the owner of the copyright, intellectual and industrial property rights of this website: text, images, brands, logos, audio files, software files, color combinations, as well as structure, selection and order of its contents, unless otherwise specified.

theNBP authorizes you to download the content, copy or print any page of this website, but exclusively for personal use and, as long as this does not infringe the copyright or any other property right of theNBP, nor change, modify or Delete any information, content or warnings. Copy of information should not be understood as an authorization to transfer to the User or to any person any license regarding any copyright, patent or other intellectual property right of the NBP.

theNBP prohibits the copying, duplication, redistribution, commercialization or any other activity for a purpose or public use that can be made with the contents of its website even if the sources are quoted, except for the written consent of the NBP.

theNBP does not guarantee that access to the website is uninterrupted. The page and contents may contain typographical errors, technical inaccuracies, inaccuracies or omissions. theNBP does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or veracity of the contents or of any statement or any other information published on its web page. The User accepts that any decision, once this warning has been made, will be assumed by his own account and risk.

theNBP is not responsible for the possible discrepancies that may arise between the version of its printed documents and the electronic version of those published on its website.

theNBP does not guarantee or take responsibility for the truthfulness, reliability, integrity or legality of any announcements, opinions, offers, proposals, products, goods, services, data or other information displayed or distributed through this portal, which will not respond in front of those damages that can derive from the use of this information.

If the contrary is not expressly stated, theNBP is not a party, nor is it involved or responsible for the transactions, agreements, contracts or disputes between the user and third parties. The user's transactions, agreements or contracts with third parties found on or through this portal are exclusively and exclusively between the user and the advertisers. In case of dispute, the user frees theNBP, and its executives and employees from any litigation, claims or liabilities, of any kind, related or arising from such transactions, agreements, contracts or disputes.

theNBP is not responsible for damages or damages derived from the access, use or bad use of the contents of the portal. Under no circumstances will the NBP be liable in any way for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages caused by the use of this website or any other website accessed through a link, resubmit or association (links) or search engine

theNBP does not assume responsibility for the content of any forum or debate in the cyberspace (chat), bulletins or any type of transmissions, that are linked to this website and cooperates, if it is required by court order or by the pertinent authorities, in the identification of the people responsible for those contents that violate the law.

theNBP can provide links (links) to other websites run by entities or people not related to theNBP. It does not represent any type or guarantee express or implied about any other website that can be accessed through our website.

theNBP is not responsible for the contents that are published on these websites, even if any of them may contain the logo of the NBP, since they have no control over the content of these websites. If you decide to visit a site through a link (link), you will do it exclusively at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to take all protection measures against viruses or other elements of a destructive nature.

theNBP or its sponsoring sites or their partners are legally authorized to use trademarks, trade names, logos or copyright symbols of the NBP.

The contents of this web page are controlled by theNBP, which shows that it is possible that these contents are not appropriate or are not available for use from a place outside the Spanish territory. Access to the contents of this website is prohibited from the territories in which, according to the legislation in force in them, they are illegal contents. Access from a place outside of Spain will be subject to compliance with applicable laws in this site.

The activities, contents and services included in this website are aimed at users of Spain. For any controversy or conflict arising in connection with this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use, Spanish legislation will be applicable, the courts being equally competent, with express submission to the jurisdiction of the Barcelona courts.

The User expressly guarantees, expressly undertakes not to send, transmit, distribute or publish through this portal, material that restricts or prevents other users from using and enjoying the portal; be illegal, threatening, abusive, harmful, slanderous, defamatory, racist, obscene, offensive, pornographic, indecent or disrespectful of religions; constitutes or may constitute facts that may lead to civil or criminal claims; injures, violates, plagues or violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual or industrial property rights, containing viruses or other harmful components capable of interrupting, destroying or limiting the functionality of any software or computer equipment; It contains false or deceptive instructions or instructions or includes unsolicited or subliminal advertising material.

The User expressly guarantees, and expressly agrees not to interfere with the portal or the servers connected to the portal and to obey the requirements, systems and procedures of the portal; not to obtain unauthorized access to other systems through the portal; not to influence the portal so that it is adversely affected in the queries, requests and hiring of other users; not threatening or coerced other users; not to store or collect personal or professional data of other users; not to act in a false and unauthorized manner in the name and representation of other persons or entities and not to carry out practices that represent unfair competition.

The User expressly guarantees, expressly agrees not to display, sell, transmit, use, store, extract or exploit personal names or trademarks, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, listings, prices or any other information related to the portal or the users.