The cities with the most expensive hotels

The average price of a hotel room in New York is $306, which ranks this city among the ones with the most expensive hotel rooms in the world, according to the hotel portal HRS, as revealed by Statista.

The second most expensive city in the world is the USA’s capital city, Washington D.C., as a hotel room costs an average of $ 282.

The Australian city of Sydney ranks as the third most expensive worldwide, where a hotel room costs an average of $240.

The European city with the most expensive hotels is London (UK), with an average price of $217. London ranks higher than Zurich (Switzerland), Oslo (Norway) or Copenhagen (Denmark), all of them among the highest most expensive on the list.

The following graph by Statista shows the ranking of the ten cities in the world with the most expensive hotels:

Infographic: The Cities Where Hotels Cost The Most | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista