The Grill is the new restaurant in New York where everyone wants to be

The Grill is the new restaurant in New York everyone is talking about, and those who have not yet got a table keep trying to book via OpenTable or email (the only way), which shows the way the wind is blowing. You go there to relish, everything is spectacularly delicious… and expensive (payment only by credit card).

The place is the same as hosted the chicest restaurant in the city for years, The Four Seasons in the famous Seagram Building by architect Ludwing Mies van der Rohe. In fact, when The Four Seasons, which some considered their home and part of their life, closed its doors a year ago it meant the end of an era and, for many, having to accept that times were changing and above all that other tribes were taking over Midtown. John F. Kennedy and writer Norman Mailer celebrated their birthdays there. For decades, the Obamas, the Valentinos, Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg and a long etcetera dined there. One of its rooms, the Grill Room, saw the eighties’ power lunches, as coined by Esquire thanks to the number of power brokers who frequented it and the decisions that were made between courses.

Now it’s Silicon Valley-style chinos and jackets over suits and ties, new faces that hold power and have select taste. The Grill is perfect, still just as glamorous, you eat well (classic American food with celebrity chef Mario Carbone at the helm) in Philip Johnson’s preserved iconic deco interior, while the waiters in Tom Ford tuxedos (of course) make you feel like a star in this high gastronomy theatrical. The Grill shares this coveted space with neighbouring The Pool, where chef Rich Torrisi lets you take a dip in the original Four Seasons pool and savour the best fish and seafood dishes.

Yes, definitely the place to be. Exciting!!!