The Netherlands is the country with highest satisfaction level with the news media

The Netherlands is the country with the highest readership levels (82%) which considers that the news published in the media are reliable. This is the result shed by the 38-nation survey conducted by the Pew Research Center from the US.

The average Dutch citizen believes that the news media of their country are doing a good reliable journalistic task by 62%.

India ranks second (80%), followed by Canada (78%) and Germany (75%).

In the US this percentage is considerably lower, 56%, and the situation is even worse in Spain, with a mere 48% of its population, according to this survey, who believes that the news media offer a good and accurate coverage of information.

The following graph by Statista shows the data of 16 countries involved in this survey:

Infographic: Where People Think The News Is Accurate | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista