This is how the problems of Barcelona have changed over the past 30 years

Access to housing has become the main problem that the city of Barcelona has according to its inhabitants, dislodging tourism. This is revealed by the Survey of municipal services 2018 conducted by the Barcelona City Council, ​​whose data has recently been known.

In opinion of the 12.8% of the citizens of Barcelona, the access to the housing is the most serious problem of Barcelona, ​​surpassing in two and a half points to the tourism (10.3%), that occupies the second place in this ranking. Last year, tourism had been considered the most serious problem by the citizens of Barcelona: 15.6% of the population said so.

In 2018, the third main problem for the people of Barcelona is traffic, with 7.4%. The political aspects occupy the fourth position (5.8%), ahead of insecurity (5.6%) and the fit of Catalonia in Spain (5.2%).

At The New Barcelona Post we wanted to analyze in detail and visualize the data offered by the Survey of Municipal Services of the Barcelona City Council, ​​which date back to 1989.

One of the exercises carried out has been to compare the evolution of the 10 problems considered most serious by the people of Barcelona during the last three decades, in order to put into context the magnitude of the problems at each moment.

Thus, it is observed that issues such as traffic, insecurity, unemployment or cleanliness have been of great concern for a significant part of the population of Barcelona for many years, as can be seen in the following interactive graphic:

In order to analyze in more detail the evolution over time of each of the problems identified by at least 0.1% of the respondents in any year (between 1989 and 2018), we have prepared the following interactive chart that allows each problem and see how it has evolved over the past 30 years: