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University education for entrepreneurs who want to internationalize

Banco Sabadell, with the collaboration of the University of Barcelona, launches the second edition of the Sabadell International Business Program, in which executives from 70 companies participate in a course that takes place over six months in six cities of the country

Our company is in an internationalization process and Banco Sabadell offered us the possibility of participating in the Sabadell International Business Program. We accepted because it seemed appropriate and we consider it a good moment to start“. Manuel Manzano states so, he is the founding partner of Accessus Plataformas Ascendidas, a company from l’Hospitalet de Llobregat that manufactures scaffolding to perform work at heights. Like Manuel, executives from 69 other companies have taken part in a course that began in October and that aims to help them develop their international expansion projects.

The Sabadell International Business Program is an education program of Banco Sabadell that counts on the collaboration of the Institute of Continuing Education-IL3 of the University of Barcelona. It was launched last year with great success and most welcomed by the companies that participated. For six months, experts in the field share knowledge related to the economic-financial, logistical, marketing and regulatory requirements that companies that decide to cross the border need to follow in order to conquer new markets.

When Banco Sabadell decided to create this course to help its clients, it did so inspired on a maxim that is part of its corporate values: to generate a differential customer experience by giving him an extra in the relationship. As stated by the director of International Business of Banco Sabadell, Carles Dalmau, “we are a financial entity that, since our origins, have always supported companies. We know their needs well and we understand that our services have to go beyond the banking perimeter. Today going abroad is not a convenience, but a necessity for any company that wants to be competitive. Therefore, we are clear that we must accompany them wherever they go and where they are“. In line with this argument Dalmau also adds that “the market does not understand about borders, and today more than ever the business opportunity is the whole world. If we want our companies to compete with guarantees in any country it is important to give them all the information and education to develop their business plans successfully“.

In this second edition of the Sabadell International Business Program, the novelty is that the course, which is organized co-ordinately in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Vigo and Seville, can be followed in person or by digital means. Participating companies can connect to the site and follow the evolution of a training that also takes place in person. “The important thing is that the client chooses the most comfortable way to receive this education“, explains Carles Dalmau.

The Sabadell International Business Program is not the only initiative that the bank has undertaken to help companies in their internationalization processes. One of the best-known and most successful programs of the entity is Export to Grow. Created six years ago, this programme counts on the collaboration of reference partners in their respective fields: Garrigues, Arola, Cesce, Esade, Amec, Aenor and Cofides. Its objective is to encourage and facilitate export among Spanish companies from an innovative set of online tools, specialized information services and organization of round tables throughout the country, which have already passed about 5,000 companies.

This way of accompanying the SMEs of the country means that Banco Sabadell is today the reference bank for the Spanish companies. 65% of the organizations choose to work with the entity chaired by Josep Oliu to develop their expansion plans. So far this year, the bank has attracted approximately 8,000 clients in international business and has increased financing for import and export projects by 19%. “When you decide to leave home and visit new places, you always appreciate that someone guides you and explains what can be found, and how to optimize your visit. That is our vision with any client that works in international markets. We are an entity that helps you achieve maximum performance in your business“, concludes the director of International Business of Banco Sabadell.