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Where freedom begins

The Reincorpora (Rejoin) programme of “la Caixa” helps former prisoners build a better future not only for themselves but for everyone: having a job is essential to do so

It is said that “your freedom ends where another person’s begins”. People who are deprived of their freedom know that all too well. To them, the first step in getting back their freedom is leaving prison. That’s obvious. But the second and equally or even more important step is to rejoin society: to regain their self-esteem, surround themselves with people who support them and find a job. Personal development, human relations and work are precisely the three cornerstones of “la Caixa”’s Reincorpora (Rejoin) programme, which tries to help former prisoners build a better future not only for themselves but for everyone, as explained in this news dispatch from ALMA.

To rejoin society and fully enjoy freedom, it is essential to have a job. And to find one, knowing how to listen, being willing to work as a team and respecting others are as important – or even more important – as speaking English or skilfully navigating the social media.

This is why the initiatives for people deprived of their freedom participating in Reincorpora (Rejoin) extend beyond the professional world. Plus, in addition to getting job training, they also receive advice from job placement experts and engage in internships in companies as part of a course which ensures that former prisoners realise that in order to be successful they have to first know how to work as a team.

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