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Which are the 26 restaurants with Michelin star in Barcelona?

Find out which are the 26 restaurants with Michelin Star in Barcelona and their average price, in a list organized by distinction.

The Michelin guide has awarded the restaurant Disfrutar with three Michelin stars, one star to the Barcelona restaurants Quirat and Suto, and revalidated ABaC, Cocina Hermanos Torres and Lasarte with its top award. Here are the restaurants with Michelin star in Barcelona.

Restaurants in Barcelona with three Michelin stars

1. Disfrutar

restaurant Disfrutar barcelona three stars
© Disfrutar

At Disfrutar restaurant, opened since December 2014, surprise and innovation have always been in its DNA. A restaurant that, year after year, has not stopped surprising with its three chefs (Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas).

Its gastronomic proposal includes a tasting menu, with a clearly avant-garde style cuisine and where the dishes stand out for their great personality, markedly Mediterranean.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Villarroel 163, Barcelona, 08036, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

2. Lasarte

lasarte restaurant barcelona three michelin stars
© Lasarte

The obsession of Lasarte, Martín Berasategui’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant at the Hotel Monument, is to treat the best product that the land, the sea and the seasons give us and turn it into a gastronomic experience. Each dish is created with passion, respect and care in this restaurant headed by chef de cuisine Paolo Casagrande.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: C/ Mallorca 259, Barcelona, 08008, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

3. ABaC

Abac Restaurant Barcelona
© ABaC

Located at number 1 Tibidabo Avenue, ABaC is the restaurant with creative signature cuisine and tradition of the renowned chef Jordi Cruz. Its menu is a mixture of 50% tradition, 50% avant-garde and 100% product. Its gastronomic proposal includes a unique tasting menu for 295€.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Avenida del Tibidabo 1, Barcelona, 08022, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

4. Cocina Hermanos Torres

cocina hermanos torres
Cocina Hermanos Torres

Cocina Hermanos Torres’ proposal focuses on a unique menu of creative cuisine with which they invite us to travel through the best seasonal products. The restaurant also has a Michelin Green Star, an award that recognizes sustainable restaurants. Its tasting menu, called Revolución, costs €295 per person.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Taquígraf Serra 20, Barcelona, 08029, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

Restaurants in Barcelona with two Michelin stars

5. Enoteca Paco Perez

paco perez enoteca two michelin stars
© Enoteca

Chef Paco Pérez offers at Enoteca, the restaurant located in the Arts Hotel, a cuisine based on the essence of fresh Mediterranean products. An interpretation of modern cuisine with innovative touches.

The special edition menu, 15 years Enoteca, is priced at 220€ per person.

  • Type: Modern kitchen
  • Address: Marina 19, Barcelona, 08005, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

6. Cinc Sentits

restaurant cinc sentits barcelona
© Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits offers a unique interpretation of contemporary Catalan cuisine according to the vision of chef Jordi Artal. It offers two tasting menus that are adjusted to seasonal products and include about 11 dishes. They also have an 8-course menu, a shorter option of the main tasting menu.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Entença 60, Barcelona, 08015, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

7. Moments

moments restaurant barcelona
© Moments

The gastronomic restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona hotel is characterized by a creative, fresh and healthy cuisine inspired by the Catalan culinary culture.

This season, chefs Raül Balam and Carme Ruscalleda, at the helm of Moments, have designed a gastronomic journey that captures the essence of La Vuelta, the cycling race, with two tasting menus, one for €175 per person and the other for €215.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Passeig de Gràcia 38-40, Barcelona, 08007, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

Restaurants in Barcelona with one Michelin Star

8. Alkimia

alkimia jordi vila restaurant
© Alkimia

Located inside the historic Moritz brewery, chef Jordi Vilà’s Alkimia restaurant offers fresh, contemporary cuisine with Catalan roots.

They present a unique tasting menu called Alkimia that is reinvented every day according to the product they have. A tasting menu that, according to the chef, has to “gather the past, the present and the future of Catalan cuisine”.

  • Type: Modern kitchen
  • Address: Ronda San Antoni 41 – Principal, Barcelona, 08011, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

9. Atempo

atempo restaurant barcelona michelin star
© Atempo

The timelessness of its cuisine gives its name to this restaurant. Atempo offers a gastronomic format that fuses the waiter’s trade and the creativity of the chefs. This is translated into a unique tasting menu designed by chef Jordi Cruz and priced at €195 per diner.

  • Type: Modern cuisine
  • Address: Còrsega 200, Barcelona, 08036, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

10. Aleia

aleia restaurant
© Aleia

Aleia Restaurant is located in the hotel Casa Fuster 5*GL, exactly on the second floor of the hotel, in the noble area of the Casa Fuster. Chef Rafa de Bedoya, together with Paulo Airaudo, proposes a tasting menu for €165 per person and an executive menu for €120, offering a combination of seasonal products and cooking techniques.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Paseo de Gràcia 132, Barcelona, 08008, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

11. Quirat

chefs Quirat restaurant
© Quirat

Located in the InterContinental Barcelona hotel, the Quirat restaurant, headed by Víctor Torres, offers a menu that responds to the different seasons and offers exclusive signature interpretations with local products.

They offer two tasting menus: 24k for 110€ per person and 18k for 70€ per person.

  • Type: Modern / seasonal cuisine
  • Address: Avenida de Rius I Taulet 1, Barcelona, 08004, Spain
  • Price: €€€€€.

12. Via Veneto

via veneto
© Via Veneto

What may be the most iconic restaurant in Barcelona has a capacity of 50 people in the main dining room, but there are another 50 in the private dining rooms.

Pere Monje, second generation of the restaurant, has been able to update and in the establishment, chef David Andrés defends a classic cuisine with game dishes in season. The diner can choose the à la carte or the Grand Tasting Menu for 145€ per person (without wine pairing).

  • Type: Classic cuisine
  • Address: Ganduxer 10, Barcelona, 08021, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

13. Hisop

hisop barcelona restaurant
© Hisop

In Hisop, opened since 2001, chef Oriol Ivern offers a contemporary Catalan cuisine preserving the products of our land and the tastes of traditional and classic dishes, working them from new points of view.

A tasting menu is offered for 110€ (with wine pairing).

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Passatge de Marimon 9, Barcelona, 08021, Spain
  • Price: €€€€€.

14. Aürt

aurt restaurant
© Aürt

Aürt is located in the lobby of the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona hotel and its chef, Artur Martínez, proposes a cuisine that can be summed up in his own words: “I prefer simplicity reflected on to forced complexity”. This translates into a single tasting menu for €135 per diner that includes small tastings, such as a dynamic sequence.

  • Type: Modern cuisine
  • Address: Paseo del Taulat 262-264, Barcelona, 08019, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

15. Mont Bar

mont bar barcelona
© Mont Bar

Haute cuisine in a bar with a gastronomic proposal full of original dishes and good products. Popular and creative cuisine, by chef Fran Agudo, that you can try choosing a la carte or with a tasting menu for 145€ per person (without wine pairing).

  • Type: Current cuisine
  • Address: Diputació 220, Barcelona, 08001, Spain
  • Price: €€€€€.

16. Hofmann

hofmann restaurant barcelona
© Hofmann

Hofman offers a gastronomic proposal with staff from the school itself that the diner can see through the large glass window that separates the lounge and the kitchen. The restaurant fuses traditional style and Catalan cuisine with the most innovative techniques, and offers four types of menus:

– Weekly lunch menu: 56€ per person

– Gourmet lunch menu with wine cellar: 59 € per person

– Gourmet evening menu: with wine cellar, €120 per person, and without wine cellar, €91.

– Luxury evening menu: with wine cellar, €150 per person, and without wine cellar, €110.

  • Type: Modern kitchen
  • Address: La Granada del Penedès 14-16, Barcelona, 08006, Spain.
  • Price: €€€€€.

17. Suto

suto barcelona restaurant
© Suto

Located near Sants Station, this restaurant headed by chef Yoshikazu Suto, offers an Omakase menu that combines hot and cold Japanese-based dishes Price: 98€ per person (without wine pairing).

  • Type: Japanese cuisine
  • Address: Violant de Hungría Reina de Aragón 134, Barcelona, 08028, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

18. Caelis

restaurant Caelis Barcelona
© Caelis

Chef Romain Fornell is at the helm of the Ohla Barcelona hotel restaurant. Its gastronomic proposal is based on contemporary and Mediterranean cuisine with French influence and includes different tasting menus (Land and Sea for 105€/pax; Celebration for 155€/pax; and vegetarian for 105€/pax) and the Caelis menu. Currently, for 55€ the Caelis menu consists of a starter (choice of two), a main course (choice of two) followed by a selection of cheeses or a sweet dessert, plus a coffee or tea.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Via Laietana 49, Barcelona, 08003, Spain
  • Price: €€€€€.

19. Koy Shunka

Restaurant Koy Shunka Barcelona
Koy Shunka

It is a Japanese restaurant with a wooden bar from which the diner can see the entire kitchen service, and it also has different tables for a more intimate service. Two tasting menus are available: Koy for 115€ per person and Gastro for 177€ per person.

  • Type: Japanese cuisine
  • Address: De Copons 7, Barcelona, 08002, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

20. Enigma

enigma barcelona restaurant
Pepo Segura / Enigma

Enigma is the proposal of chef Albert Adrià that is presented in a multidisciplinary space on Sepulveda Street. The gastronomic bet is based on a unique tasting menu that varies each month, at a price of 220€ per person.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Sepúlveda 38, Barcelona, 08015, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

21. COME by Paco Méndez

come by paco mendez
PACE Gastro / COME by Paco Méndez

COME by Paco Méndez is a tribute to Mexican culture and the result of the personal vision of chef Paco Méndez and his way of understanding Mexican gastronomy together with Mediterranean cuisine and the legacy of elBulli. In their gastronomic proposal they offer a festival menu for 160€ per person and a lunch menu at 110€ per person.

  • Type: Mexican cuisine / Fusion
  • Address: Avenida de Mistral 54, Barcelona, 08015, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

22. Dos palillos

restaurant dos palillos barcelona
© Dos Palillos

In this restaurant they play with the concept of the tapa as a way of understanding gastronomy and with Asian cuisine as a challenge, study and work. Near the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Dos Palillos has a bar at the entrance, where you can order without reservation, and a second gastronomic bar below. They offer two menus, the Dos Palillos for 120€ per person, and the festival menu for 140€.

  • Type: Fusion
  • Address: Elisabets 9, Barcelona, 08001, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

23. Angle

angle restaurant barcelona
© Angle

The restaurant, which has the advice and support of chef Jordi Cruz and whose philosophy is defined as “haute cuisine for everyday consumption”, is located in the Cram hotel. In its gastronomic proposal we find a tasting menu that includes dishes from the ABaC restaurant as well as other own dishes at a price of 185 € per person.

  • Type: Modern cuisine
  • Address: Aragó 214, Barcelona, 08011, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

24. Slow & Low

slow&low restaurant barcelona one michelin star
© Slow&Low

A restaurant with a modern atmosphere, close to the Mercat de Sant Antoni, with an open kitchen and two bars, and a lounge with 5 tables for large meetings.

Its gastronomic proposal is based on three menus (SLOW for 100€/pax; SLOW&LOW for 115€/pax and SLOW&LONG for 140€/pax) and includes ingredients from all over the world, with a clear devotion to fish and vegetables and Mexican and Thai influences.

  • Type: Current / World cuisines
  • Address: Comte Borrell 119, Barcelona, 08015, Spain
  • Price: €€€€€.

25. Oria

oria barcelona restaurant
© Oria

The Oria Restaurant, under the tutelage of chef Martín Berasategui, is a modern and sophisticated space that is integrated into the Lobby of the Hotel Monument H through an inverted pyramid structure and stands out for its updated traditional cuisine with Mediterranean roots and Basque touches. They offer three types of gastronomic proposals: Formula Oria at a price of €85 per person; Tradition Menu at a price of €120 per person and Mother Gaia Menu at a price of €165 per diner.

  • Type: Modern cuisine
  • Address: Passeig de Gràcia 75, Barcelona, 08008, Spain
  • Price: €€€€

26. Xerta

xerta restaurant
© Xerta

From the heart of the Delta de l’Ebre to the center of Barcelona, Fran López brings the rural flavors of southern Catalonia to his gastronomic restaurant. XertaThe restaurant, housed in the Ohla Eixample, is a short and summarized (but no less interesting) version of the compilation of recipes of the culinary tradition of that land that he offers in his also starred Villa Retiro.

You can enjoy the à la carte menu or the Delta Menu (60€ per person), the Tribute Menu (162€ per person) or the Tasting Menu (105€ per person). The Executive Menu is available at lunchtime from Tuesday to Friday for 45€.

  • Type: Creative cuisine
  • Address: Còrsega 289, Barcelona, 08008, Spain
  • Price: €€€€€.