At what age do European young people leave home?

At 26 years old. That is the average age at which young people in the European Union leave their parents’ homes and become independent.

But the differences between the different European countries are very large. In fact, they go from 32 years and a half of the young people of Montenegro, who are those who become independent later, to the 21 of the Swedes, the first ones that leave the family home.

This is indicated by the latest data offered on this subject by Eurostat.

In Spain, which ranks eighth in this ranking if we start with those who leave later, the average age is 29.3 years. In the case of boys, the average age rises to 30.3 years, while Spanish girls have an average of 28.3 years when they leave their parents’ house.

The following graph shows the complete ranking of European countries with the total data and differentiated by sex.