Catalan Start-ups at The Next Web Conference (TNW) 2018

Startup Catalonia at the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) offer 10 selected start-ups invitations to join TNW. This is an incredible opportunity for networking and marketing as well as to interact with the European entrepreneurial ecosystem.

On May 24 and 25, those flying to Amsterdam are: BigleLegal (Sergio Esteve de Miguel), ByHours (Guillermo Gaspart), Carnovo (Ferran Jove), Deliberry (Gemma Sorigué), Factorial (Jordi Romero), Mammoth Hunters (Oriol Roda), Marketeer (Rudy Bianco), Shoppiday (Juan Luis Rico), Kompyte (Pere Codina) and Validated ID (Daniel Translator).


An online tool to help entrepreneurs and businesses personalize legal documents in an affordable way through online questionnaires that automatically generate a document based in different languages on the different responses.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Sergio Esteve de Miguel Anglada (Co-fundador & CMO at Bigle Legal).- “TNW is one of the most important conferences in the start-up world. Our main interest is to create a network to build our international customer base and look for investors.”


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What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Guillermo Gaspart (Co-Founder at Byhours).- “Start-ups  always have to be open and connected within the ecosystem, you never know where a good idea that will help you to improve your product will come from, companies who you can collaborate with, or investors. Events like this allow you to present your product, talk with competitors or companies with synergies and, last but not least, find money to grow and make your company big. Although we are digital, I give great importance to the face to face, and I think that everything always begins with a personal relationship between people who represent companies”.


Carnovo is a start-up based Barcelona that is transforming the automotive purchase process by making it fast, transparent and convenient for both, car dealers and buyers. Our mission is simple, to put the car buying process upside down by placing customers in the centre making them save time and money while offering them the best buying experience.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Ferran Jove ( CEO  at Carnovo) “At TNW, we hope to contact and share best practices with the most innovative start-ups in Europe and to present Carnovo to potential investors, at a time when we are negotiating a round of financing.”


Deliberry is the leading Spanish groceries marketplace, with local shops and supermarkets, trusted picking and same-day delivery.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Gemma Sorigué (CEO at  Deliberry) “We hope TNW offers us the possibility to know the Dutch market and build synergies with large companies there as well as with investors.


Online HR solutions for small and medium companies. Documents, compensation, holidays, sick leaves and benefits for employees.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Jordi Romero (CEO at Factorial) “The TNW is the perfect stage for presenting Factorial. One of the priorities is to obtain funds and develop a market study to find out how human resources are managed by European companies.”


Mammoth Hunters is both a mobile App and a web page. This App offers a personalized video-guided training program with training sessions that can be done at home in just 15 minutes. Mammoth Hunters’ web has 700,000 organic visits on articles that focus on training, nutrition and lifestyle.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Oriol Roda (CEO at  Mammoth Hunters).- “We are going to TNW with the purpose of networking with the European technological ecosystem. On the one hand we are interested in contacting investors because we intend to open a financing round by the end of the year. On the other hand we also look for companies, for example related to corporate wellness, with whom to establish new synergies.”


We automate your customer service while we improve your sales over any messaging platform. Simple and powerful SaaS tool with AI for working together with your team to optimize your customer acquisition and retention processes.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Rudy Bianco ( Founder & CEO at Marketeer).-“One of the objectives to go to TNW is to find investors who help us in closing the financing round that we have just open. We are looking for Smart Money to help us boost our growth and strategic partners that make it easier for us to enter new markets.”


Shoppiday wants to disrupt the way people shop by giving a real benefit to the consumer. When you purchase through Shoppiday, you earn cash as a percentage of your payment. You can transfer your cash balance to your back account or use it for in-app payments at local stores.

What do you expect from the TNW 2018?

Juan Luis Rico ( CEO at Shoppiday).- “To be at TNW is the ideal opportunity to network and find contacts, both investors and corporations, that allow us to promote the growth of Shoppiday as well as learn from other startups with great potential.”




Kompyte is a competitor tracking software that sends real-time alerts on your competitors’ online activity & updates, automates competitor research and enhances competitive reporting and benchmarking.


Validated ID provides secure trust services for digital businesses with ViDSigner, a multichannel electronic signature platform; and ViDChain, a decentralized self-sovereign digital ID based on Blockchain.