Female unemployment in Spain is 17% in 2018, the second highest rate of the EU-28

In 2018, the average rate of female unemployment has fallen again, reaching 7.1% in the group of countries in the EU-28. The reduction has been almost four percentage points since 2013, when the maximum figure of 10.9% was reached.

Greece ranks first with a rate of 24.2%. Spain ranks second with 17% female unemployment. Although the Spanish rate has fallen from the maximum of 26.7% for the year 2013, it is still ten percentage points above the European average and, in addition, the female unemployment rate exceeds by more than three percentage points the level of unemployment male ratio of 13.7%. Italy registers 11.8, while the figures are already around 9% in Croatia and France. Cyprus, Portugal and Finland are also among the countries that exceed the EU average.

Sweden registers 6.3%, while Ireland, Luxembourg and Slovenia share 5.7%. In Austria, the female unemployment rate stands at 4.7% and is reduced to 4% in the United Kingdom. The lowest figures in the European Union correspond to Germany with 2.9% and to the Czech Republic with 2.8%.