How much does the residents of each country in Europe spend on their holidays?

Citizens of Switzerland are the Europeans who spend more money on average on each trip they take on vacation (818.2 euros), according to data for 2016 recently published by Eurostat.

The second country in this ranking – and first in the European Union – is Luxembourg: the average expenditure of its inhabitants per holiday trip was 767.8 euros. The third place corresponds to Malta, with an average cost of 645.7 euros.

On average, residents of the European Union spent 336 euros on each holiday trip made in 2016.

The inhabitants of Spain are ranked number 16 in this ranking, with an average expenditure of 230.1 euros for each vacation trip. With more spending than Spaniards are the inhabitants of countries such as Ireland (479,5 euros), Germany (443), France (353,4), Greece (316) or Finland (308,1).