AEInnova is a startup in the sector of energy harvesting and industrial IoT focused on industry 4.0 and energy efficiency.


Name of company:
Alternative Energy Innovations SL

Name and position of the person responding:
David Comellas Vogel CEO / Partner

Brief description of company and business model
AEInnova is a startup in the sector of energy harvesting and industrial IoT focused on industry 4.0 and energy efficiency. We develop and sell waste heat recovery systems based on thermoelectric technology and IoT systems for industrial monitoring, self-powered by heat and therefore without batteries or maintenance. We also offer our own multiplatform data monitoring system for preventive maintenance and alarms.

CEO + Founding team. Brief description of trajectory

In total, there are 9 founders, expert engineers in different areas related to the company’s activity:

  • David Comellas Vogel (CEO/partner): More than 25 years of experience in business management, finance and sales
  • Dr. Raül Aragonés Ortiz (Chairman /founder): PhD in microelectronics, expert in industrial IoT.
  • Dr. Carles Ferrer Ramis (CSO/founder): PhD in Science and Physics. Professor and expert in space systems
  • Roger Malet i Munté (Ingeniero /founder): Engineer in electronics
  • Dr. Joan Oliver (founder): PhD in engineering and physics
  • Dr. Ramón Voces (founder): PhD in communication sciencies and telecommunications engineer

Year of incorporation: 2014
No of employees: 15
Management team:

  • David Comellas (CEO)
  • Raül Aragonés (Business development manager)
  • Carles Ferrer (Scientist manager)


Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Energy

Volum of investment taken in

Main goals achieved

  • Development of two technologies focused on energy efficiency and industrial IoT. More than 20 national and international awards for technology and the project. Collection of public funding (H2020 phase 1, Soulfi, CDTI and LIFE) and private funding (EIT Innoenergy and Fundación Repsol), plus two rounds of capital with total funding of € 3.5M approx. Participation in European projects such as “Harvestore”.
  • Pilots of the two technologies in installations of large companies in real operating conditions for technological validation and as presale. 6 additional pilots planned in 2019.

Main challenges in the future

  • First product in the market in the first half of 2019 and start sales (INDUEYE autonomous system self-powered by industrial monitoring).
  • Start national sales in the first half of 2019; nternational in the second semester in Europe and 2020 in the US and Canada.
  • Strategic agreements for the LATAM and MENA markets at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.
  • Series A round in 2020

Why did you choose to establish the company in Barcelona? 

  • The company was born in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This city is the best platform for attracting talent internationally and an excellent base for international expansion and funding. They also have suppliers and integrators for the manufacture of the product that allows generation of economy and local value.


Web: Aeinnova


Inspiration? A model, company or business person/entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, the examples to consider are Elon Musk, founder of Paypal, ZIP2, Tesla, Space X, and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) for the two different and successful styles with different ways of creating and growing their companies.

As a company, Apple: disruptive and innovative, have gone through the phase of growth and decline to finally succeed again in a very competitive market with multiple products.

Recommended book or books

  • Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-up Bubble (Dan Lyons)
  • El Libro negro del Emprendedor (Fernando Trias de Bes)

What websites do you use to keep informed?

  • F6S
  • Digital journals and blogs.

What apps you use most on your mobile?

  • Slack
  • Whastapp
  • Mail

What else would you like Barcelona to offer?

Barcelona is a city with great potential to generate and grow an ecosystem of startups and technological and industrial companies of reference worldwide. We have the bases, we have the generation of talent and the ability to attract both investment and international talent. It is necessary a better integration with the rest of the territory, find spaces for the location of the companies in their first years of activity, not only for those that require offices, but also for those with a more industry focus, that need mixed spaces. It is necessary that the administrations facilitate the activity and act as catalysts and facilitators for the small companies and startups of new generation.