Ranking and evolution of the most read newspapers in the city of Barcelona

La Vanguardia is the newspaper most consulted or read -either in print or digital version- by the citizens of Barcelona in 2018, ahead of El Periódico, el Diari ARA, El País and 20 Minutos.

This is revealed by the Survey of Municipal Services 2018 recently published by the city council of the Catalan capital. For years, this survey has asked Barcelonians about the newspapers (printed and digital) that they consult: both the newspaper that they consult the most, their first choice, and all those who read at some point.

The ranking of newspapers cited as the most frequent choice is headed by La Vanguardia (cited by 34.2% of the locals). The second place in the ranking is for El Periódico (16.4%) and the third for the ARA (9.8%).

The following two graphs show the complete ranking of 2018 as well as the annual evolution from 1994 to this year of all the media mentioned in the survey.

When the citizens of Barcelona are asked about the newspapers that they read or consult in a habitual way, being able to cite several media, the results indicate that La Vanguardia is also the first one in the ranking (50.4% of the population), ahead of El Periódico (28.4%), Diari ARA (15.7%), El País (15.5%) and 20 Minutos (10.1%).

About the new ones, the following two graphs offer the complete ranking and the evolution during the last years (in this case, from 2008 to 2018):

The municipal survey also offers the press consultation ranking for the ten districts of the city of Barcelona: