The global sales of computers continues falling down

The global sales of computers continues falling down. 2017 was the sixth consecutive year in which fewer personal computers were sold than the previous year, according to Gartner data collected by Statista.

In particular, last year 263 million PCs were purchased, 3% less than the previous year. The year of greatest sales was 2011, when 365 million units were sold.

The most important fall in sales occurred in 2013, with a decrease of 10%. It had a descent also in 2015, with an 8% reduction in the units sold.

In 2017 the decline slowly stopped and Gartner analysts have even seen some data that invite to some optimism in the sector, such as the increase in sales in the last quarter of the year in the markets of Asia / Pacific and Latin America.

Infografía: 2017, año con menos ordenadores vendidos de la década | Statista Más estadísticas en Statista