San Sebastián, Barcelona and Madrid, some of the ten best food destinations in the world

The city of San Sebastián tops a list of the favourite food destinations, according to a comprehensive study compiled by British catering firm Caterwings published last December.

Two other Spanish cities, Barcelona and Madrid, rank among the ten best cities on the list. Barcelona, the Catalan capital is fourth in this ranking, behind Tokyo (Japan) and New York (USA), while Madrid is seventh on this list, behind Singapore (Singapore) and Paris (France).

The podium of the ten best food destinations in the world is completed by the cities of Lima (Peru), London (UK) and Munich (Germany).

This ranking by Caterwings takes into account eleven criteria, including the expert opinion of culinary scene, diversity of cuisine, expert opinion of quality of service and affordability for locals and for tourists.

The study analyzed a total of top 100 cities. The following graph shows the 20 scoring between 0 and 10 points.