Television will continue to dominate the audience of the World Cup 2018

Television will be, by far, the star media to follow the World Cup 2018 of Russia that begins this Thursday June 14. An international study conducted by Ipsos reveals that 62% of the population interested in the World Cup will watch the games on television, well ahead of the 25% that will do so through the internet.

The Ipsos study, carried out in 27 countries, also reveals that, for the first time, mobile devices (13%) will be used more than radio (6%) to follow the World Cup. In the past championship, held in Brazil in 2014, only 3% made use of mobiles to follow the matches, while the radio was used by 8% of the people.

In 2014, the World Cup had a total of 3,200 million viewers who watched the matches on television. In addition, it was estimated that 280 million people watched games via the Internet or a mobile device. The final that played Germany and Argentina was followed through television by 695 million people at home and by a total of 1.013 million viewers if we add those who watched that game away from home, in bars, restaurants and other public locations .

In Spain, the television will be used by 70% of the population to follow the matches of Russia 2018. 13% will use the internet and 7% the radio, ahead of the mobiles that will be used only by 3% of the population.

Almost 9 out of 10 Spaniards (88%) plan to watch the matches with friends and family. Just over half (55%) will do so in bars or restaurants. And half of the Spanish population believes that Spain will be the winner of the World Cup.

If the opinion of the group of respondents in the 27 countries is taken into account, the winner of the World Cup will be Germany (this is considered by 23% of the population), ahead of Brazil (21%), Spain (11%) and Argentina (8%)

When it comes to watching matches with family or friends, Peruvians (93%), Argentines (93%) and Mexicans (89%) are ahead of the Spaniards.