Where will you be during the total Moon eclipse?

With telescopes installed in Ciència Square and with the support of screens, CosmoCaixa Barcelona offers to monitor one of the most spectacular astronomical phenomena of the year, the total eclipse of the Moon

This Friday July 27, 2018 can be enjoyed, just by taking a look at the sky, one of the most amazing astronomical phenomena of the year, a total eclipse of the Moon. We can follow it from the balcony of our house, the roof perhaps, a park or the beach: really good options.

We can also choose, if we are in Barcelona, ​​to get closer to CosmoCaixa where experts and amateurs will explain us everything related to this astronomical phenomenon. We can observe the Moon through telescopes and see the event projected on a large screen. The eclipse practically coincides with a very favorable opposition of Mars (Mars and the Sun are located in opposite points of the sky), and the red planet will look slightly thicker. With the right equipment, everything points to good photographic sequences of the entire event. An unbeatable situation.

The entrance of the disk of the Moon in the shadow cone of the Earth will take place at 20 h 24 min (civil time), with the Moon still below the horizon. The whole phase will take place between 21:30 and 23:00 hours, and the partial phase will continue until 0:00 hours on July 28.

Featured image:  Phases of the lunar eclipse. Photo by Jake Hills