Women hold only 31% of managerial positions in Spain

Women in European countries occupy one third of managerial positions in companies while men, on average, 67%.

This is indicated by the data for 2016 that the Instituto de Estudios Económicos has recently published based on the report “The Life of Women and Men in Europe – A Statistical Portrait – 2017 Edition”, by Eurostat.

In Spain, the proportion of women in management positions is 31%,  below the European average, by 31%, as the following graph shows:

Although none of the member countries of the European Union reaches 50% of women in management positions, the three states that lead the ranking are Latvia (47%), Poland and Slovenia (both with 41%).

Hungary and Sweden share 39%. Estonia, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Ireland are at 36%, while Slovakia, Finland and Romania are also above the European average. France and Belgium remain at the average with 33%.

Austria is slightly below the average with 32%. In Germany, the figure is 29%, while Denmark and Italy share 28%.

The lowest percentages of the EU correspond to Greece, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic (all with 25%). The country with the lowest percentage of women is Luxembourg, with 18%.