Zinklar is the Agile Market Research platform that helps companies to make safer and smarter decision


Name of company:

Name and position of the person responding:
Jordi Ferrer

Brief description of company and business model
Zinklar is the Agile Market Research platform that helps companies to make safer and smarter decisions. We are transforming the market research market, a market of over 40,000 million euros. We are changing a professional services model to a SaaS platform, where customers can buy subscriptions and launch their research studies. The model scales efficiently across countries and industries.

CEO + Founding team. Brief description of trajectory

Zinklar has two founders and CEOs:

  • Jordi Ferrer: Founder and CEO of Conzoom and Magma Growth, previously Managing Director of TNS Digital and board member of WPP and Kantar Digital. Economist, MBA from IESE and executive training at London Business School.
  • Borja Ormaechea: Previously founder and Director of Amalgama Marketing, Marketing People and Cerka, Marketing Director and member of the steering committee of the Seb Iberia Group. Degree in Business Administration and MBA from ESADE and the University of New York.

Year of incorporation: 2015
No of employees: 30
Management team:

  • Agustin Mercuri, Head of Global Sales
  • Toni Parada, Head of Global Demand Generation
  • Efrain Ribero, Sampling and Panel Advisor


Market Research

Volum of investment taken in

Main goals achieved

  • We have achieved several goals over the years. We have shown that our model works for all companies, both large corporations and SMEs. It is important to understand that with Zinklar we dreamed that we could change the paradigm of market research, which limited research to be done costly and with very long times. Now, we have shown that it is possible and more than 200 global brands such as Orange, Unilever or KFC already trust us to put the consumer at the center of their strategy.

Main challenges in the future

  • Global expansion, including markets in LATAM and the United States, in addition to Europe
  • Change the way in which decisions are made in companies, adding the consumer in the equation when making any decision.
  • Continue to define the Agile Market Research as a new paradigm in the research industry.
  • Continue demonstrating that the investigation of high quality markets does not have to be slow and expensive.

Why did you choose to establish the company in Barcelona? 

  • Both founders are from Barcelona
  • Barcelona has seen an increase in the presence of startups and new companies. It is the city in southern Europe that accumulates more interest and investment internationally
  • Barcelona is one of the Smart Cities of Europe and its digital transformation plan is in line with the new directions offered by innovation and digital transformation. We are part of this movement and we firmly believe in the potential of this city.
  • Finally, I sincerely believe that it is a city that attracts a lot of talent and talent is a key part of Zinklar


Web: Zinklar


Inspiration? A model, company or business person/entrepreneur?

Tesla is an inspiration for us as it has changed an industry in which transformation was an especially complex challenge. The automobile companies have great power in the market, and a new player, offering a completely innovative product, could be flooded by competition. In spite of that, they have managed to establish a new product that has opened horizons globally.

Recommended book or books

  • ‘The Value of Difference, Eliminating Bias in Organisations’, B. Kandola. This book is one of the bases to create an inclusive company, which gives opportunity and voice to different people.
  • ‘Grit: The power of passion and perseverance’, A. Duckworth. It highlights the importance of effort and perseverance in the face of difficulties that may arise in the realization of a project.

What websites do you use to keep informed?

What apps you use most on your mobile?

  • Slack: I am always in touch with my team. It helps us to be transparent and communicate directly and efficiently.
  • Evernote: one of the most complete apps at work level, with reminders, a calendar and a task manager.

What else would you like Barcelona to offer?

Barcelona is one of the cities that offers everything: quality of life, entertainment and culture, international congresses, an international atmosphere full of potential and an effervescence that inspires us every day.

On the other hand, it is true that in certain things we may need to strive more: in relation to diversity and the promotion of equality (gender, race, etc.), especially in the workplace, more attention for ecological sustainability and sustainable economic development (more than focused on tourism services). But we believe in contributing to a city in change, which stands out precisely for highlighting these things as its future objectives.