Legaltech sector company that develops software that allows to create, manage, edit, store and sign contracts and legal documents.


Name of company: Milcontratos

Name and position of the person responding:

David Figueras Batet, General Director

Brief description of company and business model

Legaltech sector company that develops software that allows to create, manage, edit, store and sign contracts and legal documents. This software is aimed at individuals, micro-enterprises, self-employed workers and SMEs. Thanks to its technology, it is not necessary to have legal knowledge to obtain high quality legal documents.

CEO + Founding team. Brief description of trajectory

CEO and founder: David Figueras. Bachelor of Law, Master in Corporate Law and Master AGT (Esade). MBA FT Esade. Lawyer, he started his career at Uría Menéndez, but from 2010 he creates SF, to advise foreign clients. As of 2012 he began to take an interest in Legaltech until he created Milcontratos in 2016.

Year of incorporation: 2016
No of employees: 14
Management team:

  • Board of Directors members: Santiago Grifols y Ernest Benach
  • Advisors: Albert Castelltort



Volum of investment taken in:
1,025 M€

Main goals achieved:

Established as a reference in legaltech in Spain, Milcontratos publicly presented his collaboration with SAGE in 2017, a milestone that establishes it as a leader in the sector. Since then it has entered several fields, promoting B2B2C and B2B.

Main challenges in the future

  • Help citizens, micro-enterprises and SMEs to achieve a situation of equality of medium and large companies in the legal field, making processes more efficient and leading the legal sector to be part of Revolution 4.0

Why did you choose to establish the company in Barcelona?

It is undoubtedly a nerve center of innovation, where it is easy to find many companies interested in being part of Revolution 4.0, where until now the legal sector was not present.


Location: Plaça Francesc Macià, 7, Planta 10, 08029 Barcelona. V

Web: Milcontratos


Inspiration? A model, company or business person/entrepreneur?

  • The inspiration comes from the people in my family who have always been hard-working people, with initiative and who have always believed in their dreams. As a business model, Chinese groups, which diversify into anti-cyclical economic sectors and firmly believe in public-private collaboration.

Recommended book or books

  • To study and learn, El Arte de la Guerra, by Sun Tzu
  • To enjoy, Shakespeare, specially Otelo or El Rey Lear
  • To laugh a while (only for people with a sense of humor, open and critical), Instruccions per a l’ocupació de Catalunya, 1938, by Enric Gomà Ribes.

What websites do you use to keep informed?

I try every morning to review the Catalan, Spanish and international press. Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to have a flash of everything in five minutes, and then deepen opinion articles.

What apps you use most on your mobile?

  • Milcontratos
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp

What else would you like Barcelona to offer?

It would be nice to have more discussion forums on the Revolution 4.0, not only about how we went from the economic point of view, but above all as a society. It is a debate that we find in specialized places, but that is not part of the day to day of society, which I think we must resolve to make everyone part of this reality.