Tiendeo is the leading international website and app for geolocalized catalogs and offers


Name of company:

Name and position of the person responding:
Eva Martín (CEO)

Brief description of company and business model

Tiendeo is the leading international website and app for geolocalized catalogs and offers.

By changing the way major retailers distribute their catalogs and communicate their offers to customers, the young Spanish start-up has risen until reaching an average of 53 million visits a month and 30 million users worldwide. Tiendeo has also cemented its presence in 35 countries worldwide, with headquarters in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil and a counting team of more than 140 employees.

CEO + Founding team. Brief description of trajectory

Year of incorporation: 2011
No of employees: 140
Management team:

  • Eva Martín: CEO
  • María Martín: co-funder
  • Jonathan Lemberger: co-funder
  • Aleix Miol: EMEA Commercial Director
  • Alfredo Pérez: International Business Development Manager
  • Marc Oliveres: CTO
  • Lila Coghen: Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Genia Matviyets: HR Manager
  • Cristina Giraldo: Country Manager Mexico
  • Martha Carvajal: Country Manager Colombia
  • Sergio San Martín: Country Manager Chile
  • Daniel Simoes: Country Manager Brazil


Digital Marketing / apps

Volum of investment taken in

Main goals achieved

  • 7 million euros of income in 2017
  • Presence in 35 countries around the world with 53 million of unique users
  • Appcierta Entrepreneur Spirit Award
  • Premio Tab Innovation: Best Consumer App Award
  • Entrepreneur 2020: New Technology Award
  • Dona TIC Female Entrepreneur Award for Eva & Maria
  • More than 140 employees and 5 offices (Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil).

Main challenges in the future

  • Reinforce our presence in Europe and Latam.
  • Evolve our product to the new needs of the market.
  • Expand our staff.

Why did you choose to establish the company in Barcelona?

Barcelona is our home city and we are lucky it has become a European startup, innovation and tech city. Moreover, the Catalan government offers help for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses so we started in Barcelona Activa.


Location: Plaça de Pau Vila nº1, 4 B, 08009 Barcelona

Web: Tiendeo


Inspiration? A model, company or business person/entrepreneur?

We are constantly looking the job of other successful companies in order to improve our job. Some examples: Trovit, Coupons, Tesla…

Recommended book or books

  • The Lean Startup
  • La empresa más feliz del mundo

What websites do you use to keep informed?

What apps you use most on your mobile?

  • LinkedIN
  • Tiendeo
  • Twitter

What else would you like Barcelona to offer?

  • Linking between startups and corporates.